We Were Nominated as a Top Cannabis Company in Italy

Updated: Jan 7


Cannabis in Italy

Cannabis in Italy is legal for medical and industrial uses, although it is strictly regulated, while it is decriminalized for recreational uses. In particular, the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor and it is subjected to fines, as well as the suspension of personal documents. Nevertheless, the unlicensed cultivation of cannabis, even if in small amounts and for exclusive personal use, is illegal and punishable with imprisonment, as is the unauthorized sale of cannabis-related products. The licensed cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes requires the use of certified seeds, however there is no need for authorization in order to plant certified seeds with minimal levels of psychoactive compounds.

W.O.L.F srl is a premium cannabis producer and seller that research and develops biopharmaceutical products and molecules derived from Cannabis Sativa l. W.O.L.F srl is the owner of the brand ITALIAN GENETICS.

Italian Genetics has now reached new standards in terms of quality, flavors, and potency of Cannabis. Italian Genetics is a brand dedicated to customer care, scientific innovation, research and understanding of the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis.

The company offers a variety of premium products to customers looking for a safe, consistent and effective cannabis and molecule.